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Welcome! Whether you are in serious shopping mode, browsing while at work, or curious about us after meeting us at a wedding last weekend, we are so glad you stopped by!

We are Matthew & Jaclyn Hubbard; a husband and wife photography team in Southern Illinois. After years in the industry, we have narrowed our focus to elusively shooting couples. We love documenting each stage of a couple's walk together, from boyfriend/girlfriend, to the surprise proposal, engagement photos, the wedding day, and beyond.

Matthew and I met at Brooks Institute of Photography, an award winning photography school based in Santa Barbara, CA. We married two years later, on March 1, 2008.

The last few years have given us three absolutely adorable children; Nathan (6) is our little professor, Kaelyn (4) has a grin that can light up any room, and Alicia (2) is the most stubborn charmer you have ever seen. When we are not doing photography, you can usually find us kicking a soccer ball around the yard, making play-doh snakes, reading "Where the Wild Things Are," or heading to the local farmers market.

Now, when we look back at our wedding day photos, it is so strange to think that there were only two of us. It is hard to remember what life was like before the kiddos! But now, we get to share them with our children, and they LOVE looking through them. "Look! I found Grandpa!" "Aunt Nini looks pretty!" "I like the cake! Can I have a cake like that?"

Flipping through an album with our children reminds us of how quickly your wedding day becomes a collection of photographs, how important our job really is, and it helps us love it even more.

 Matthew and Jaclyn Hubbard Photo by Andras Schram

Matthew and Jaclyn Hubbard
Photo by Andras Schram