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Every Photographer has their fantasy locations, clothing, and other goodies that they dream of being able to capture. Matthew and Jaclyn are no exception.

Check out our Dream Shoot List; does your wedding fall in one or more categories? If so, contact us! There just might be some discounts coming your way. :)

  • a wedding on the beach (hey, beaches are hard to come by in the MidWest)
  • a bride in a red (or other brightly coloured) wedding dress
  • a wedding in a library, museum, or other unique location
  • a wedding in a barn (COMPLETED)
  • a Steampunk themed wedding
  • a cosplay inspired wedding
  • members of the 501st legion
  • a European destination wedding
  • a wedding on a mountain
  • a wedding with a motorcycle (COMPLETED)
  • several brides together in their wedding dresses (i.e. Sisters, best friends, multi generation)
  • a wedding with a 1930s-50s car or truck
  • groom/groomsmen in kilts